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Punjabi Suits For Women


Punjabi suit is one of the basic dresses for the North Indian (Punjabi) women. This is identification sort of for a Punjabi women community. In recent times the Punjabi suit and Punjabi salwaar kameez is very popular around the globe. Punjabi suits are usually worn with dupatta or chunni. Kameez is the top part of the blend of salwar, dupatta and kameez. Traditional kameez is usually long equal to knee along with the wide circumference and also with full sleeves and also covered full from the backside as back neck line depth for example 2”-3” and also medium low at the front line 6”-7” as front neck line. The top part of the Punjabi suit has various fittings sleeves length, neck styles, bottom circumference (ghera) cuts and measurements.

The salwaar is the bottom part of the Punjabi suit. It is wide from the top and also it has 4-5inches belt joined to the remaining part of the salwaar that is called as pleated. Upper area of the belt has channel for drawstring. Usually the traditional salwaar size from the high at the waist part is almost double the definite size to make it easy to wear. Salwaar has large room at the thigh part for comfort. Salwaar has double base size almost as the ghera of the ankle so as to make great space for the feet to put in for wearing.

Different Types of Punjabi Suits:

There are various different types of Punjabi Suits and Salwaar Kameez such as Patiala suit, casual wear Salwaar kameez and bridal Punjabi suit.

Patiala Suit:

Patiala Suits are the most popular Punjabi suit and different from regular Punjabi suits. Patiala style Punjabi suit named after Patiala place in Punjab. In this Patiala suit a kameez is long equal to the knee with various neck designs. The Patiala style salwaar includes lot of pleats. The pleats fall goes reverse giving it a loose-fitting looks. This salwaar gives adequate room for comfort leg movement.

Bridal Punjabi Suits:

These Punjabi styles of suits comes with different rich fabrics such as brocade, silk, tanchoi, shiffon, crepe, georgette and so on and also used for this type of salwaar kameeze. Mainly depends on the modern fashion trends, wonderfully cut and designed these suits have different surface decorations such as mirror work, zari, aari work, embroideries, crystals, bead work and sequins work and many more. In India there are different dresses for brides of different regions but suits is the traditional bridal clothing particularly Punjabi women.

Casual Wear Salwaar Kameez:

This style of Punjabi suit can be worn at the time of the day; it is very comfortable dress for females of all groups of age and can be carried out all day-to-day work easily, as it is very comfortable outfit foe females whether she is homemaker or is a working. These Punjabi suits come in various fabrics like georgette, cotton and so on. There are many designers who have refurbished the traditional suit by introducing different styles and cuts that are recently in fashion. A casual wear suits can be dyed, tie or printed and also come with light embroidery, sequins, bead work and many more.